• The Best Advice on Finding the Perfect Summer Program for your Child

    Finding the perfect summer program for your child can be a challenging task. There are so many to choose from depending on your interests, goals, and preferences. Here are some steps provided by Kodely to help you find the right summer program: 1. Identify your goals and interests: Ask yourself what you hope your child… Read more

  • How Kodely Integrates Tech Literacy Education Before, During, and After School

    Kodely partners with districts and schools nationwide to design enrichment programs centered around tech literacy and design to help students become well-rounded innovators. Since every school and district we work with has its own goals, Kodely customizes each of our enrichment programs and strategies to support our partners. Our before, after, and in-person enrichment sessions… Read more

  • Selecting Enrichment Partners for 21st-Century Skill Building

     Students need 21st-century skills because the modern world is rapidly changing, and they will need different skills and competencies to succeed in the future workforce. Many jobs that exist today did not exist a few decades ago, and many jobs that will exist in the future are not yet known. At Kodely, we recognize that,… Read more

  • How Being a Kodely Leader Helped Further My Career in Education

    As someone pursuing a graduate degree in education, I have found being a Kodely Leader to be a very enriching and valuable experience. Specifically, being a Kodely Leader has allowed me to:  Not interested in a career in education? No problem! Kodely has also allowed me to practice the following skills, which are essential to… Read more

  • Fostering Social Emotional Learning through Design Thinking

    Design thinking and social emotional learning (SEL) are both approaches that emphasize creativity, empathy, and problem-solving. Here are a few ways that Kodely ties in SEL to our in person design thinking workshops that run after school, during intersession, and with our summer camps: Read more

  • Three Steps to Actively Engage Students in Problem Solving

    Learning is made more real and far more engaging when students can explore how they can solve challenges directly related to them or someone they know. Students are empowered by discovering that they can enact change in the world around them and they are curious to explore a solution and the direct results it can… Read more