How my Passion for Education led me to become a Kodely Leader

When did your passion for working with students in education begin? 

In third grade, I was called out of the classroom to ask if I was interested in helping the Kindergarten teacher and her students. I immediately said yes, as I loved the thought of working with little kids, so I assisted their teacher in teaching them their ABCs. Not long after, many other teachers would ask if I could help them in their classrooms. From then on, I became interested in teaching and would tutor students younger than me in various subjects, from reading sentences to multiplication and division.

When did you develop your interest in tech literacy and STEM education? 

As a young girl, I was always fascinated by technology. I would constantly try to learn more about how televisions, smartphones, and computers function. As my parents watched their little girl grow up, they became aware of my technological interests. My family and relatives would flock to me whenever a device had a problem. After finding the solution, I would be so proud and overjoyed. In 6th grade, my mother enrolled me in a robotics club. I didn’t want to go at first; I felt lost as I didn’t know much and convinced myself I wouldn’t be as good as the rest of my peers. However,  I looked forward to meeting with them every Saturday after my first class. I completed a wheel and pulley mechanism by myself, and that’s when I knew that the STEM field was something I wanted to explore.

Why did you become a Kodely Leader?

I wasn’t able to grow up learning about the tech field, although I knew it was something I was interested in. I had no access to tech literacy  programs that would allow me to experience and explore the field. I found out about Kodely through our computer science department at Hunter College. Kodely caught my eye because it emphasized teaching young students about tech literacy and using what they learn to solve real-world problems. This is an amazing opportunity for young students to tackle obstacles they will come across in the future, regardless of whether it involves tech, and I wanted to be a part of this journey beside them.

How has working with Kodely helped you develop? 

As I work with Kodely, I find more reasons to fall in love with teaching. Teaching has been a transformative journey that has enhanced my communication, knowledge, and critical thinking skills. Being able to guide young students’ learning has shaped me into a more compassionate and adaptable individual. I am extremely grateful for the invaluable lessons teaching has taught me, all thanks to Kodely.

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