How my Passion for Education led me to become a Kodely Leader

When did your passion for working with students and education begin? 

My interest in education and working with children began to blossom from an early age. In middle school, I found joy in tutoring younger students, and in high school, I became involved in teaching my peers HTML, CSS, and Python basics through a Girls Who Code club. Little did I know that these experiences would shape my path and ignite my passion for both education and technology. Today, as a college student, I continue to explore these passions as a Kodely Leader. In this blog post, I will share how my interest in tech literacy and STEM education developed and delve into why I decided to become a Kodely Leader. Additionally, I will highlight the transformative impact of working with Kodely on my personal and professional growth.

When did you develop your interest in tech literacy and STEM education? 

My journey into the world of tech literacy and STEM education took off during my high school years.  During this time, I joined my school’s Girls Who Code club as a general member and eventually became one of the club’s presidents. As someone who hadn’t grown up with a strong background in coding or a deep interest in technology, I initially felt isolated and unsure of my potential success in the tech industry. However, the Girls Who Code club provided a supportive and empowering environment that shattered my doubts. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who encouraged each other to pursue their dreams in tech and bridge the gender gap left a lasting impact on me. It made me realize the importance of introducing tech concepts to children from diverse backgrounds at an early age, ensuring they have equal opportunities to explore and thrive in STEM fields.

Why did you become a Kodely Leader?

Driven by my desire to create a nurturing support system for young students exploring technology, becoming a Kodely Leader was a natural choice for me. Believing in the importance of fostering an encouraging environment where children can freely express their interests, values, and enjoy learning, I was inspired by reflecting on my own educational journey and my brother’s experiences. Recognizing the lack of accessible support systems for all students, I felt compelled to make a difference. Joining Kodely became my personal commitment to developing the necessary skills to effectively support young students.

How has working with Kodely helped you develop? 

Working with Kodely as a leader has been transformative for my growth as an educator. It has provided me with a platform to enhance essential skills in creating a supportive learning environment. As a Kodely Leader, I have developed effective communication across age groups, honed creativity in designing engaging learning experiences, addressed unique student needs through problem-solving, and guided students patiently. I have learned humility and the value of feedback, improved my organizational skills, and cultivated empathy for each student’s journey. This experience has instilled in me a constant desire to learn and improve, refining my approaches to better serve my students. Overall, being a Kodely Leader has only allowed me to contribute to students’ educational journeys and propelled my personal growth as an educator. 

Working with Kodely has been a catalyst for my personal and professional development. It has honed crucial skills such as effective communication, creativity, problem-solving, patience, humility, organization, and empathy. Through interactions with students, I have witnessed the impact of these skills on engagement and outcomes. Kodely has fostered a continuous learning mindset, which embraces feedback and reflection on teaching methods to refine approaches. Moving forward, I am committed to nurturing these skills and  positively impacting my students’ lives as I continue my journey with Kodely as a leader.

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