Favorite Part of Working at Kodely

When asked what her favorite part of working at Kodely was, Arianna struggled to choose only one aspect because she shared that she had so many favorite aspects of working at Kodely. 

Arianna shared that one of her favorite parts about Kodely is having the opportunity to practice her teaching skills with engaging, fun content. She said she loves teaching her Kodely students how to code creative game designs using MakeCode Arcade and seeing her students’ pure ingenuity. 

She also shared that she loves how Kodely offers so much work flexibility. As a full-time college student, Arianna shared that she struggled to find jobs that would work with her busy class schedule. She said Kodely was the perfect fit for her because she could easily take classes in the mornings and teach Kodely sessions during the after-school time period. 

She also shared how she appreciates how the Kodely Leadership Team supported and believed in her. Arianna shared that Kodely founder, Sri Narayan, is a fantastic mentor and leader who takes care and interest in helping all of her Kodely Leaders succeed. Overall, Arianna shared that she loves working at Kodely for countless reasons. 

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