How Being a Kodely Leader Helped me Gain Invaluable Hands-on Experience

As an aspiring elementary school educator, Arianna Thalheimer turned to Kodely to gain hands-on experience that would support her in progressing in her career goals. 

Kodely provided Arianna with essential opportunities to practice classroom management and instructional techniques at Kodely partner classrooms that helped her harness her craft and strengthen her teaching skills. By working at Kodely partner locations, Arianna was also able to form and build connections with school sites in her area, which is very important as a new teacher hoping to be hired full-time at a local school. 

In addition, Kodely offered Arianna additional opportunities to build relationships with students and instruct them on content relating to ethics and social-emotional learning, two critical elements of California Common Core standards. 

In sum, Kodely provided Arianna with an exceptional platform to get a jump start on her teaching career.

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