What are my responsibilities as a Kodely Leader?

At Kodely, we have a thorough hiring process when working with our Leaders, and we pride ourselves in providing market-leading pay and opportunities to develop strong leadership and skills working with students in the classroom. Kodely Leaders bring great energy into each and every Kodely workshop and have a professional attitude with the workshops they run. 

Kodely Leaders are professional (especially in high-stress situations), reliable, flexible, and eager to quickly build rapport with students, school staff at the partner site, and the Kodely community. As a Kodely Leader, you get access to the Kodely curriculum library rooted in design thinking and tech literacy and get training working alongside your Kodely Coach to build up your skills.

Working in an after-school program offers great flexibility in your schedule and relatively-low time commitment. This position is perfect for full-time students looking to gain more work experience in the education or tech industries. Not only is it great for gaining work experience, it is also a fun job that allows you to work with young students and develop your leadership and communication skills while getting paid! 

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