Kodely Leader Essentials: What to Pack for your First Day

To set yourself up for success on your first day of work, preparation is very important. Preparation for the day often begins with packing all supplies you need to perform your job responsibilities before you arrive. As a Kodely Leader, there are a few key elements to bring with you for your first day. 

  • You must bring a laptop with you to every session. For efficiency and organization, your laptop should also have important tabs bookmarked, such as your Kodely lesson plans and other important training documents!
  • You must bring all materials necessary for the execution of your lesson to your classroom. Your Kodely Coach will reach out to you with the materials you will need and provide a heads up. Kodely Leaders are responsible for picking-up materials sent to their school sites and ensuring they are ready for student use. 
  • Kodely Leaders must always bring positive energy and enthusiasm to their sessions. Always remember that you represent Kodely as a Leader at our school locations, so it is always important to conduct yourself in a positive, professional manner. 

Working with Kodely is a rewarding experience. Being prepared and ready your first day allows you to quickly improvise in any situation and be the best substitute you can be. But remember to follow the lesson plans first. It’s only after the lesson plan finishes or if it’s missing do you start reaching for the activities from your bag of tricks. Relax, be confident, and have a wonderful time working with your Kodely class!

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