Why Schools Need to Incorporate Tech Literacy Education in their After School Programs 

Technology education is a very important skill for students to master in the modern world, so the California Common Core State Standards have introduced specific expectations for students related to technology skills. Because of the recent addition of technology standards into school curriculum and their overall importance for future career opportunities, technology is used in out-of-school programs, such as Kodely. Here are some key benefits:

1. Enhancing Learning Opportunities: Technology can provide additional learning opportunities beyond traditional classroom settings. It can offer interactive and engaging educational resources, online courses, virtual simulations, and access to vast amounts of information that can support and supplement learning in various subjects. At Kodely, technology is used throughout the curriculum to support students in learning abstract coding concepts. For example, students can grasp abstract mathematical concepts such as vectors through the use of technology and the Kodely modules.  

2. Developing Digital Literacy: In today’s digital world, being digitally literate is essential. Out-of-school time programs can help children and youth develop important digital skills, such as using computers, navigating the internet safely, understanding online privacy, utilizing productivity tools, and critically evaluating online information. Digital literacy is a foundational component of the Kodely curriculum. Students are always encouraged to reflect ethically on their internet usage and engage in challenging coding programs with the guidance of Kodely Leaders. By the end of Kodely sessions, students have gained such rich digital literacy skills that they can develop coding programs independently. 

3. Fostering Creativity and Innovation: Technology tools, such as creative software, coding platforms, and multimedia devices, empower students to express their creativity and explore innovative ideas. They can engage in activities like digital storytelling, video production, programming, and design, allowing them to develop valuable skills while expressing their unique perspectives. At Kodely, students demonstrate their creativity through every coding activity they create. Whether it be aesthetic design choices, enemies or protagonists they make, or game objectives, students constantly employ their creativity skills throughout the Kodely curriculum. 

4. Encouraging Collaboration and Communication: Technology facilitates collaboration and communication among program participants. Online platforms, video conferencing tools, and collaborative software enable students to work together on projects, share ideas, and communicate effectively, even when they are not physically present in the same location. Collaboration is key at Kodely. Kodely Leaders collaborate to deliver content to students, and students collaborate to develop unique coding projects in every class. We believe collaboration helps deepen student learning.

5. Expanding Access and Equity: Technology can bridge gaps and increase access to resources and opportunities. Out-of-school time programs can leverage technology to reach underserved communities, providing access to educational content, mentorship, and enrichment activities that might otherwise be unavailable or difficult to access due to geographical or socioeconomic constraints.

6. Preparing for the Digital Future: As technology continues to advance, digital skills will be increasingly important in the workforce. By integrating technology into out-of-school time programs, participants can develop the skills and competencies necessary for future success, ensuring they are well-prepared for the demands of the digital age. Students who engage in the Kodely curriculum are undoubtedly more prepared for future tech careers than their peers who do not. Kodely students learn valuable coding and tech literacy skills that give them an advantage as they explore professional opportunities in the tech field. 

Kodely helps incorporate successfully run tech literacy enrichment in your after-school programs. In addition, our team helps take care of staff training and leads our sessions in-person at your site. Our team also has prepared all the activities and lesson plans for seamless integration into your after-school program. So it’s not daunting to incorporate tech literacy for your students with the right support from the Kodely team. 

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