How Kodely Integrates Tech Literacy Education Before, During, and After School

Kodely partners with districts and schools nationwide to design enrichment programs centered around tech literacy and design to help students become well-rounded innovators.

Since every school and district we work with has its own goals, Kodely customizes each of our enrichment programs and strategies to support our partners. Our before, after, and in-person enrichment sessions align and build on what our students learn during the school day. Kodely’s programs are accessible to students of all backgrounds and interests, and our goal is to open up their eyes to new opportunities they can dive into.

Here are a few reasons why you need to get your students introduced to technology education: 

1. Technology is ubiquitous: Technology is everywhere and is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. By learning about technology, students can better understand how it works and how to use it effectively. At Kodely, students are exposed to design and tech literacy, and introduced to solving problems using technology. 

2. Career opportunities: In today’s job market, many jobs require at least basic technology skills. By learning about technology, students can prepare themselves for a wide range of career opportunities.

3. Problem-solving skills: Technology education often involves learning to solve problems and think critically. These skills are valuable not only in the technology field but in many other areas as well.

4. Innovation and creativity: Technology constantly evolves, and learning about it can inspire students to be innovative and creative. By understanding technology, students can develop new ideas and solve problems. Students demonstrate innovation and creativity in every Kodely workshop. 

5. Communication and collaboration: Technology has revolutionized how we communicate and collaborate with others. By learning about technology, students can better understand how to communicate and collaborate effectively in a digital world. Collaboration is a significant component of every Kodely session. Students are always encouraged to work with each other and support one another in the creation of their coding projects and designs. 

Overall, learning about technology can be an essential component of a well-rounded education in today’s society and can help prepare students for success in the future. Students who engage with the Kodely curriculum learn essential tech literacy tools to help them succeed in any career path they pursue. 

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