How Being a Kodely Leader Helped Further My Career in Education

As someone pursuing a graduate degree in education, I have found being a Kodely Leader to be a very enriching and valuable experience. Specifically, being a Kodely Leader has allowed me to: 

  • Practice behavior management skills – Leading Kodely Workshops requires all Leaders to facilitate classroom management techniques and routines. This is very important for people interested in a career in education because behavior management is a critical component of a well-organized classroom. 
  • Practice instructing students on new content – As a teacher, you are always instructing students on new material, and it is essential to understand how to effectively and efficiently give directions to your students. Kodely allows you to practice this skill in a supportive classroom environment using the Kodely lesson plans as a guide. 
  •  Practice forming connections with students – All successful educators are skilled at building connections and relationships with students. This is so important because teachers earn students’ respect and trust through the relationship building process. At Kodely, Leaders are able to build and foster connections with their students each week during the program. 

Not interested in a career in education? No problem! Kodely has also allowed me to practice the following skills, which are essential to every career path: 

  • Delegation of tasksKodely Leaders, especially Head Leaders, practice delegating responsibility and tasks by working in a Kodely Classroom. 
  • CollaborationKodely Leaders work together to teach students the Kodely Curriculum. This encourages Leaders to foster professional collaboration skills. 
  • Public Speaking Kodely Leaders also must practice public speaking when directing a classroom of students. Students are a wonderful, low-stakes audience to enhance your public speaking abilities. 

Working as a Kodely Leader allows you to practice essential skills to help you grow professionally. 

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