Why is Creativity Important in Education?


Continuing on our theme of creativity, at Kodely we think about how our students will need to adapt to today’s rapidly changing world. It’s important for students to not just memorize lines of code or syntax but rather focus on how they think about problems and solve them. Creative problem-solving allows our students to generate new and innovative ideas, come up with unique solutions to problems, and to think critically. 

Below we have described, how we integrate creativity into our workshops.

Tips to Integrate Creativity Into Kodely Workshops:

1.Encouraging Critical Thinking: 

When students are encouraged to be creative, they develop critical thinking skills, which are essential for problem-solving, decision-making, and innovation. Through our workshops, we focus on students taking the lead on decision making. We want students to get comfortable taking the lead and we want to enable them to apply what they’ve learned to different situations.

A girl utilizing creative problem solving skills.

2.Promoting Active Learning:

Creative activities require active participation, which makes learning more engaging and enjoyable for students. For example, in the Kodely classroom we’re engaging students in creative problem-solving where they’re presented with scenarios that help them apply the concepts learning in the workshop to real-life situations. Creative activities make learning more memorable and help students to build life skills.

3.Fostering Self-Expression: 

Creative activities provide students with a platform to express themselves and their ideas, which helps to build confidence and self-esteem.

Through our workshops, which recognizes  creativity as  an essential component of education that helps to foster critical thinking, Kodely is proud to be able to promote active learning, and prepare students for a future that demands innovation and flexibility.

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